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The Éditions des Songes publishers present their first personalized children’s book!

Experience the adventures of Sarah and the Magic Little Prince and have your children
travel to the land of a Thousand and One Nights by choosing the heroine’s first name, her
skin color and appearance and her hair colour in the language of her choice.

The Adventures of Sarah and the Magic Little Prince at the Taj Mahal

Olivier Soussy & Cara Carmina
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The book is printed and delivered in a few days

24,50$ - 34,50$


The Adventures of Sarah and the Magic Little Prince at the Taj Mahal

Sarah falls asleep every night after Daddy reads her a story.
During the night, she travels, guided by the Magic Little Prince and accompanied by her faithful cat Lola,
to wonderful places described by Dad and makes surprising encounters.
Back in bed early in the morning, she doesn't really know if it was a dream or reality.

It's one of the stories I told my daughters when they were little.
I decided, accompanied by the brilliant illustrator Cara Carmina,
to edit it so that other children could enjoy it.
As you read them, you will see their eyes sometimes staring at the images,
sometimes lost in the void, to imagine themselves instead of the young heroine.