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The Adventures of Sarah and The Litte Magic Prince


Olivier Soussy (author)
A former advertising professional, Olivier Soussy has always had a passion for the world of literature and wanted to share that interest with his children from the outset. The stories he told his little girls every night were ones he invented so that they could fall asleep, lulled by the magic of words. It is the heroes from their childhood that he is now bringing to life in the stories he writes for children from around the world to enjoy.
Cara Carmina (illustrator)
Norma Andreu, better known as Cara Carmina, is a Mexican visual artist living in Canada since 2009. Her work has found singular recognition in the Montreal art scene. Illustrator, designer and entrepreneur.  Cara Carmina wears multiple hats to keep her career as an autonomous artist afloat and, above all, nurture her passion for art.  This is the 3rd children book she publishes in Quebec.